So, transfer window. It’s a time for football club and board rooms to basically get stupid. At least the big clubs anyway…all the smaller clubs just get scared.

As a West Ham fan, I can certainly vouch for the latter!

The crazy spending of Chelsea in previous years was replaced by Manchester City last summer. But let’s face it, the free flow of money from Real Madrid has successfully surpassed all prior understanding of an expensive summer.

I’ll be honest, I kind of find it verging on immoral. That a person can be worth the sort of money paid out for Kaka and Ronaldo when people can’t muster enough money to eat, is beyond me. I suppose that sort of blog post is best saved for another time…or another place, like Church.

Apart from the sinful gluttony of Madrid however, so far it’s been a slow transfer window. I have no doubt that will all change closer to the deadline.

Here’s a very brief outline of some of the transfers being discussed on Football United.

The West Ham Process has conducted a poll asking fans to vote who they would most like to see at Upton Park next year. Incidentally the firm favourite amongst the voters, with 50% of the votes was Luis Jiminez who West Ham have since gone on to bring in on loan from Inter Milan. They have also been linked with Mancini; a tricky, skillful, Brazilian winger who also currently plays uner Mourinho at Inter Milan. It would certain be the biggest double capture at the Boleyn since they signed Tevez and Mascherano; allbeit under dubious circumstances. So I guess before that it has to be the double signing of Hartson and Kitson way back under the guidance of Harry Redknapp. Funnily enough, they also managed to save West Ham from relegation that year.

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Elsewhere across the country, Norwich have been busy bringing in several new players. The most recent of which is Welshman, Owain Tudur Jones. You can read more of this signing here at Let’s Be Avin You.

The Anfield Rap has also been discussing whether it will be worth Liverpool resigning Micheal Owen.(A distinct ‘Owen’ theme I’m feeling). Whilst discussing the risk involved in taking a gamble on Owen again, Fordy concludes with this which in my opinion sums up quite nicely the case for bringing him back:

And if your still not convinced by the prospect of seeing Owen in the red of Liverpool, given the choice, who would you rather see come off the bench when Liverpool desperately need a goal. Andrei Voronin? David Ngog? Lucas Leiva? Nabil El Zhar? Michael Owen? It realy is a no brainer.”

Each week here at Football United we’ll be bringing you a series of posts outlining the best of what’s going on across our network; discussing the latest fixture, transfer and managerial news. Our bloggers are the best around, and we believe it’s worth hearing what they’ve got to say!

Here’s to putting some sanity back into to football transfers

Sam and the Football United team