Sven-Göran Eriksson is back in English football, but this time it is not for the glamour of the Premiership. Instead, he’ll join Notts Co in League Two as Director of Football. As such, he’ll be responsible for all aspects of the club’s development – from youth facilities and commercial development to coaching and player purchases. This is something of a surprise move for Sven who has been going from one ridiculously well-paid job to the other in the last decade, but who has actually not won very much in a long time. He’s also acquired a reputation as something of a star’s manager, rather than a Club builder

This might be a smart move for Sven, but is the appointment of Sven good news for the Notts Co fans?

It’s too early to tell, of course, but for Sven this is in many ways a return to a smaller scale kind of football, where there is room for a longer term vision and perhaps less pressure to reach quick results. This resembles the environment in IFK Göteborg, where he did some of his best work in the early 80′s and took a team of amateurs on to win the UEFA cup.

If that’s the idea, and Sven manages to draw on his experience of making the most out of modest material, and there are some room left for player investments after Sven’s salary is paid, this could be interesting news indeed for the Magpies.