Our first #FavouriteFriday photo - two of our bloggers celebrating with Avram Grant in Blackpool (@twistandshout and @westhamprocess)

You’re here & this is a moment. Hopefully a big one.

From this today and every Friday henceforth I’ll be featuring my favourite articles of the past week. They won’t always be news based and they won’t always be serious. They’ll be here to inject some bant into your Friday afternoons.

Join in the ‘Favourite Fridays’ by sharing the best articles you’ve read that week on Twitter tagged with #favouritefriday or by using the contact form just to your right. No. Up a bit. That’s it.


No student loan, no football for those recently graduated? My favourite Huddersfield blogger, @FootballCharlie, discusses how the price of football has forced him to miss his Saturdays since his NUS card expired: Well what else was I supposed to do with my student loan?

Heroic effort from West Ham OAP. A new blogger, but a remarkable story: OAP collapses on coach, makes kickoff via Watford Gap, hospital, taxi, Crewe, Preston and Blackpool

Phil Bardsley, one of the best full-backs in the World? Forget Ashley Cole, Patrice Evra and Dani Alves: meet Bardinho

Much has been written about Carroll, Suarez & Torres, but this piece from @neiljjones is detailed, thorough and I think, the most impressive article I’ve read on the subject: Luis Suarez and Andy Carroll – The unlikely duo upon whom Liverpool’s dreams now rest

We tried our own transfer deadline day summary, but here’s another great piece on the matter from @2ndYellow: The deadline day soap opera

Finally, every club need an Adam Pearson. According to @marcusdysch (of trending topics top ten fame – for this photo), “Adam Pearson is no ordinary Head of Football Operations”. Read why here


That’s it for our first Favourites Friday. Please do share your own here (comments or contact form on right), or by tagging your favourite football articles with #favourtiesfriday on Twitter