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Thank you to our newest intern, sub-editor extraordinaire and Italian focused West Ham fan, Italia90, for this sourcing this roundup.

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One particularly exciting prospect is beginning to emerge at Napoli. There are many who have broken through to prominence in Serie A this season. But none moreso (the article argues) than Edinson Cavani. Comparisons even being drawn with the great man himself, Maradona. 24 goals in 32 appearances….read more: Edinson Cavani, Napoli’s new Emperor?

Two powerhouses of blog and podcasting worlds collide in this piece on The Football Ramble blog. Written by Michael Cox (editor, Zonal Marking), it details the “extraordinary” appointment of Leonardo at Inter Milan and their subsequent rise up the league and back into the title race: Leonardo’s new boys get straight to work for Inter

A couple of articles here from the “English speaking website for Italian football fans” (something I can assure you I’m grateful for. Sì?) In this first article, @sfcalcio questions whether all is as it seems at Palermo. The Sicilian club are currently sitting pretty in 6th place, just 6 points behind 2nd place Napoli. But there is more going on here than meets the eye. Their President Maurizio Zamparini is, drawing an English comparison, the Ace of Spades to David Sullivan & David Gold’s 2 of Spades in the “speaking publicly about your manager” stakes. Read more: Sicilian Squabbles

Their second great article in a matter of days discusses whether “signing an arguably overvalued Alessandro Matri at €18m is a consequence of shopping in the wrong market“. Matri was originally looking like a sensible bit of business after they acquired him on loan. But the spending of €18m to obtain his services on a permanent basis is brought into question.


I hope those four articles whet your Italian football appetites for the time being, there’ll be more from Luke on Italy, and the rest of Europe, soon