An interesting story has developed regarding the 4-4 draw between Newcastle and Arsenal. For those who somehow missed the game, Arsenal were leading 4-0 after 26mins and Newcastle managed to break record to come back and score 4 goals – with Arsenal down to ten-men for the second half.

Stade 2 (A France 2 production – similar to the English Match of the Day) reported (in this show) that Interpol are looking into suspicious betting patters during the game. Now, I don’t speak French but a combination of a translated version of this post from F365 and comment from Gabriele Marcotti (@marcotti on Twitter) have helped me piece together the story. It is worth mentioning that neither of those sources broke the story, they simply shared links on what Stade 2 originally broadcast.

And therein lies the problem.

Stade 2 (and France TV) is  not a parody or a spoof. These people are legitimate broadcast journalists and they’ve publicly announced that Interpol (along with German police) are investigating the game. Millions of French people have seen an accusations levelled at the Phil Dowd, Thomas Rosicky and essentially the Premier League as a whole.

The trouble is, they appear to be entirely unfounded.

Here are some words from @LaurensJulien – a trusted “French football journalist based in London working for french daily Le Parisien

Hello tweeps, sorry for yesterday. I was off and didn’t check my phone. I certainly didn’t watch Stade 2 which is a shit tv show in France” [link]

But when I was told about the rosicky/nufc/afc story, I called one of their guy and this is what he said: “we have gone too far too quickly”” [link]

So to make things clear: there’s no investigation on rosicky or even on the game.The Stade 2 journos are a bunch of useless incompetent guys” [link]

This story has potential to be hugely damaging for those involved. Although they’re apparently now “fast backtracking”, it seems someone, somewhere, is going to suffer legal repercussions and as of this moment, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be any of the originally accused.

Thank you to @Marcotti, @LaurensJulien and all others on Twitter who were involved in the conversation that took place last night. Seeing the story develop like that was certainly interesting, and I don’t imagine it’s the end.