This week’s ‘favourites Friday’ isn’t really a ‘favourites Friday’ at all. It’s more of a Top Ten Tuesday-but-on-a-Friday.

Top 10 Worst Football Injuries (I first posted this here, many moons ago – it needed a spruce up)

Eduardo: Birmingam v Arsenal

Wilfred Bouma, Aston Villa

Jacob Olesen – Now plays for Viborg FF

Ewald Lienen – Against Werder Bremen

David Busst, Coventry v Manchester United

Alf-Inge Haland, Man City v Roy Keane

Djibril Cisse – Whilst playing for France

Luc Nilis – playing for Villa

Not sure of the details but is it any wonder the two-footed tackle was banned?!

Then there’s this which is a whole other ball game, literally


Needless to say, there was a reason I posted this after your lunch