The Mcmanaman

Spending today searching for content about tonight’s Champions League teams (Copenhagen/Chelsea & Lyon/Real Madrid) was just another nail in the coffin for traditional news sources. At least for me anyway.

Here are some quality articles about tonight’s non-English teams. I’m sure you’re all familiar with the Terry, Ancelotti, Fergie and Giggs by now (Giggs hasn’t travelled tonight for the record)

It’s not team news you can read on BBC, but quality blogging juice nonetheless:

A Brief Introduction to FC. København:
This absolute delight from @timhi details Copenhagen’s tactical intelligence against the some of the best sides in Europe. Wrote them off for tonight’s game? Think again….
A Brief Introduction to FC. København

All time Real Madrid XI (plus Mourinho interview)
The ever sensational (and FootballUnited evangelist), Kay Murray is always a top source of quality Madrid content. If you don’t follow her on Twitter, do (@footballbarbie1) and if you haven’t read this article from her or watched this interview, do.


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