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The United, Chelsea, Slur Alex, Martin Atkinson row rages on.

And on.

And on.

Now Slur Alex has stoked the flames yet again by making this video:

szólj hozzá: Atkinson vs United

Ancelotti correctly responds with a very measured attitude:

“We can’t dispute the referee’s decision, he’s kept the game flowing and we’re happy with that.

“There should not be a witch hunt. The referee was consistent with all his decisions. We should lie low a little bit, and let the powers that be take [control of] the game”


He didn’t. But I’m sure you recognise those comments. You definitely do if you’re Mike Phelan.

Disclaimer: Alex Ferguson didn’t make that video. If he had done, I’m sure he’d soon be complaining that YouTube have taken it down. Can’t have one rule for you and one for everyone else Alex.