This is the first part in my ‘How do you solve a problem like’ series and I figured why not just get it right in the thick of things with a post about referees.

I believe we have a problem. Frankly, it’s not going to get any better until something changes.

To be clear I believe the problem at present isn’t isolated to the failings of referees; it’s a much wider issue, encompassing ‘pundits’, media, social media, managers, players, David Pleat, FIFA, the FA, the rules and finally referees themselves. Ok, maybe not David Pleat.

You see referees are just the tip of the iceberg, the irritant. They are always going to get a tough time – much like those little flies that lay their eggs/feed off the mildew on a window sill. It’s not their fault that micro-environmental factors well beyond their control have conspired making them out to be the bad guys.  All they do is bug you. They fly around, quite nonchalantly and arrogantly annoying the hell out of you whilst you’re trying to write a blog post about referees.

But is it entirely their fault? They could use some common sense I suppose and not fly near me, but is it their fault they’re in that situation? All of humidity, moisture, sunlight, single-glazed windows and water-soluble paintwork combined to produce that mildew. All they did was grow in it. That’s what they do.

Of course referees need to show some common sense. Decisions like Robin van Persie getting sent off for scoring after the ref had blown for an offside just seconds before. Massimo Busacca, you are not helping yourself. All the fans see is some arrogant chap getting himself on telly for basically being an idiot.

Likewise, the ref who sent off a player for stopping a pitch invader in his tracks. Show some common sense. You come across as nothing more than arrogant and idiotic. Cast the rule book to one side for a second and think about what you’re doing.

Does the rule book allow for common sense? It certainly allows for discernment. Perhaps therein lies part of the problem.

Honestly I don’t think that at the moment there’s any other alternative than to thoroughly dry the window sill out, strip the paint off, replace with water-resistant paint, clean the mildew off, make sure the room is well ventilated and install some double glazed windows.

Otherwise those flies will just be back again next week. And they’ll be just as annoying.

Trouble is, it’s a lot of work. And that’s when FIFA come in.

And just stand in the way.