I don’t know if you saw the Spurs v Milan game last night, but one of those assistant referees made three absolutely shocking offside calls. One, you can get away with, but calling three offside that were well onside (one by about 2 or 3 yards) and you’re in ‘match fixing allegation’ zone.

So, how do you solve a problem like male linesmen?

Well this is a simple one really. You can’t.

Not until they can multitask anyway.

So that’s that.

To add, could you imagine had a player scored immediately after the flag went up, having not heard the whistle. Just think of the uproar when it was found to be a wrong decision….and the player was sent off for kicking the ball away.


In other news, the scores for this week’s prediction league have been counted and the table updated. See how you got on