It was this post from @footballcharlie that got me thinking. How exactly do we solve a problem like the England captain?

I’m sure everyone will have a different opinion on this so please obviously leave your thoughts below.

I, like Charlie, do not consider it progress in the slightest to have even kept Terry in the team after the World Cup, let alone the possibility of making him captain. So the thought of the latter occurring worries me.

Now, the Euros are coming up. Are we going to be starting yet another major tournament with a back line including Terry and Rio? It just doesn’t feel like we’ve moved forward in the slightest. I’m sure it will end up being yet another tournament where we’re just left wondering what exactly is the point?

Now, is the chance to change that prospect. Now is the chance to bleed others into the setup. Because you never know, do it now and there’s every chance that we’d see a new England team in the Euros. A hungry, young side eager to make it on the big stage.

Maybe our younger players are either not good enough or not ready. Will they ever be if Capello doesn’t let them see the light of day.

Youth, as it goes, isn’t necessarily the factor I’m worried about. It’s the new players to the setup I want to see have their time. For example, Scott Parker is having a superb season with West Ham (again). Touted by many to be on the shortlist for player of the season.

We all know what Terry, Rio, Barry, Lampard & Gerard can offer. Boring.

What can the likes of Wilshere, Parker, Bent, Carroll, O’hara, Etherington offer? To name just a few.

For me it’s not about assembling the best technical team in the history of ever. It’s about assembling the team that works best together. Just look at 1966.

Making Terry captain again says so much. To us as fans, to the current players, to the fringe players and to up and coming prospects.

It’s a mistake on many levels.