Flickr: By Live4Emma (L4S)

So the Guardian today whittled down the responsibility of being England captain to leading the teams out and calling ‘heads’ or ‘tails’.

Maybe, with someone like John Terry with the armband, that’s what it’s come down to. Due to a variety of reasons including, amongst others, complete lack of respect for him from the entire nation. Bar Surrey.

Trouble is over the years, we’ve forgotten the impact a national captain can have on the side during a tournament. The recent captains we’ve gotten used to are either injured, diving or sleeping with team-mates parters/ex-partners. We’ve grown to not really expect much from the face of the national side.

Frankly, it shouldn’t be the case.

A captain shall inspire, motivate, enthuse and unite the side, the nation, by living his responsibility. By setting precedent, living with integrity, by playing as a professional, with dedication and desire. A captain that enamours the nation.

Maybe the day we have another captain like that, we’ll understand why it’s such a big deal. I’ve absolutely no doubt that when we’ve a captain to be proud of, our national side will see a change in fortune.

People can change, maybe John Terry will. But until then, I expect him to put his body on the line when calling heads or tails.