To be sung in a Harry Hill style, “FootballUnited’s new blog of the daaaaaay” (If you did click that Harry Hill link, my goodness that is an “overambitious cucumber fold-over”)

Importantly, this is the start of a new series that I’ll be running. It’s aim will be to draw attention to one new blog that I’ve not come across before, each day.

I figured I come across so many each week, why not share them when I do.


New blog of the day #1

Ok, ok, I didn’t technically find this one today, but I’ve got a large backlist so I’m starting from there.

May I introduce you to Tangerine Dreaming. According to his about page, it’s “something akin to the site Zonal Marking, and other great blogs out there at the moment, but with the focus on Blackpool”

Setting a very early fast pace indeed, but I’ve no doubt he can keep it up. I haven’t found many great Blackpool blogs this year, which has come as a bit of a surprise considering their early meteoric rise in the league, but this is certainly one.

You can follow the author, @Tanger_Dreaming, on Twitter


Until next time…