At Golbox we’ve come to learn that there are many bloggers who are looking for that extra bit of control over the way their football blog looks.

On WordPress itself, you can use a wide range of different themes and Golbox likewise. However we’ve always felt that for those of you looking for that extra control of exactly how your theme looks and feels there needs to be more options.

So I’m now genuinely chuffed to offer The Canvas theme as part of our PRO offering.

It’s completely and utterly blank…you can then drag, drop, select and resize to your hearts’ content, until you finally land with the theme only your imagination could previously offer.

In addition to this superb custom theme, as a PRO blogger you’re also able to use your very own domain name, and have access to additional premium plugins to help your blog do more. And it’s just £2 per month (existing Golbox bloggers get a free year’s domain registration too)


For what it’s worth, we also have strict regulations blocking Arsenal fans who wish death on their own players after a loss.