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Who will make up the top 4? [POLL]

The Premier League is a tight one this year…at both the top and the bottom.

But just who exactly will make up the top 4, and in what order?

The league based on form guide

Hearing on Match of the Day 2 that Manchester United have lost 3 of their last 5, got me thinking. Who is currently in the best form? I’ve compiled a table below based on the last 5 games only, including goals scored & conceded. I was quite suprised. [table id=1 /]   (All data forContinue Reading

Alex antagonises Ancelotti

The United, Chelsea, Slur Alex, Martin Atkinson row rages on. And on. And on. Now Slur Alex has stoked the flames yet again by making this video: szólj hozzá: Atkinson vs United Ancelotti correctly responds with a very measured attitude: “We can’t dispute the referee’s decision, he’s kept the game flowing and we’re happy withContinue Reading

Superb Champions League Blogging

Spending today searching for content about tonight’s Champions League teams (Copenhagen/Chelsea & Lyon/Real Madrid) was just another nail in the coffin for traditional news sources. At least for me anyway. Here are some quality articles about tonight’s non-English teams. I’m sure you’re all familiar with the Terry, Ancelotti, Fergie and Giggs by now (Giggs hasn’tContinue Reading

The transfer window fall-out

We attempt to pick up the pieces from the January transfer window fall-out. Some fans have been left scratching their heads, others renewed with a fresh sense of optimism. As our resident Leeds blogger, From Europe to Yeovil, calls into question his club’s ambition, Liverpool and Newcastle fans may be singing an entirely different tune;Continue Reading