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Our Favourites – 19/3/11

The Portuguese Triple Threat A look at Portuguese dominance in Europe this season. AEK Athens goalkeeper hit with a flare Should flares be banned from the game?. Eric Abidal’s Liver Tumour Surgery Successful And finally, some good news!.  

How do you solve a problem like referees?

This is the first part in my ‘How do you solve a problem like’ series and I figured why not just get it right in the thick of things with a post about referees. I believe we have a problem. Frankly, it’s not going to get any better until something changes. To be clear IContinue Reading

Our favourites: 06/03/11

What is the ‘Our Favourites‘ section? Gianfranco Zola in Total Eclipse of the Heart I’ve never noticed this before, see if you can spot the cheeky little Italian maestro. [video] Snoods Banned – Too ‘Dangerous’ Says Sepp Blatter FIFA finally make a move to ban snoods from the game. Jose Mourinho Dodges Knife Attack AtContinue Reading

Consistency the Key

In the third installment building up to South Africa 2010, FootballUnited looks at the CONCACAF region’s traditional representatives USA and Mexico have dominated FIFA’s North Central America and Caribbean World Cup qualifying for almost 20 years. For so long there’s been a “+1” attached to the region’s three team invite to football’s biggest party. Costa Rica,Continue Reading