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Our Favourites – 18/4/11

Bolton fan quits job in Australia to attend FA Cup semifinal I bet he wishes he never…. According to ESPN, Retired Ronaldo having great season with Real ESPN, about as reliable as Sky Sports….. Gone But Not Forgotten – Ninian Park Another look back to grounds ‘Gone but Not Forgotten’, this time we’re in Cardiff,Continue Reading

Our Favourites – 30/3/11

Colombian fans take dead body to game Only in Colombia…..   Jose Mourinho plays in goal in a friendly against Spanish Media The Special ‘Number 1′.   Sao Paulo Goalkeeper Rogerio Ceni scores 100th career goal Amazing achievement for a goal keeper.

Our Favourites – 17/3/11

When Does a Rivalry Go Too Far? Does it ever go too far?, is there limits? or is all fair in love and war?. Schweinsteiger understands why Zidane headbutted Materazzi now Marco Materazzi, up to he’s old tricks?, he seems to be good at pushing buttons. Wolves’ Premier League Gamble Are Wolves more than justContinue Reading

Our favourites: 06/03/11

What is the ‘Our Favourites‘ section? Gianfranco Zola in Total Eclipse of the Heart I’ve never noticed this before, see if you can spot the cheeky little Italian maestro. [video] Snoods Banned – Too ‘Dangerous’ Says Sepp Blatter FIFA finally make a move to ban snoods from the game. Jose Mourinho Dodges Knife Attack AtContinue Reading

Superb Champions League Blogging

Spending today searching for content about tonight’s Champions League teams (Copenhagen/Chelsea & Lyon/Real Madrid) was just another nail in the coffin for traditional news sources. At least for me anyway. Here are some quality articles about tonight’s non-English teams. I’m sure you’re all familiar with the Terry, Ancelotti, Fergie and Giggs by now (Giggs hasn’tContinue Reading

Ron moves from Manchester

It’s a done deal – Ron has moved from Manchester to Spain – see the video below, where he’s showing of his new kit. Ron was not heard to say “Shhesh, I’d had enough of the rain in Manchester, it was time to get some sunshine. And now I’m closer to Portugal I can nipContinue Reading