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Blogging tips: Publishing and Promotion

This post is the second and last in a two-part ‘Blogging tips’ series. The first part can be found here and covers the editorial aspect of writing and running a quality blog This post, on the other hand, will cover what smaller steps you can take to give yourself a better chance of people seeingContinue Reading

Blogging tips from the best

I’ve worked full time with hundreds of football bloggers for the past two years now and prior to that, another two years part time with a handful of dedicated guys (and girls). So, into my 5th year of football blogging, what have I learned? Well, the first thing is that there are plenty of peopleContinue Reading

Prediction league, round 2

Here’s a short reminder that the Champions League last 16 2nd legs start next Tuesday. Meaning of course that you have 1 week to get in your predictions for the next round of the predictions league. Topdog our out and out leader, but I’m closing in. As is hicksycfc. It was also a pretty solidContinue Reading